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Trading Marking Your Brand

Our Utah attorneys can prepare, draft, file and prosecute U.S. trademarks no matter what your business.  We can file international trademarks under the Madrid protocol, and can help you protect company names, brand names, product names, packaging, catch phrases and any other distinctive identifier. We guarantee your trademark will issue once we do a clearance search, and offer a money-back guaratee to all new clients.  We aim to provide all clients with cost-effective, competent and expeditious RESULTS- ORIENTED REPRESENTATION®, which we have trademarked.

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Who Are We? 
We are the attorneys of Vested Law, a national law firm with offices in Salt Lake City.  From our offices in down town Salt Lake, we have filed and prosecuted hundreds of trademark applications, including word marks, stylized marks, and state marks.  


If you are a Utah corporation needing help registering your trademarks, help is here.

Help registering trademarks, trade dress, and copyrights is here.  In our digital age, with product knockoffs and domain name registrations proliferate across the Internet, the need to trademark your brands has never been greater.  We can help you register, prosecute and defend your IP rights to products, services or websites.  We can also assist with soft IP right enforcement, non-disclosure agreements, trade secrets, non-solicitation, and non-compete agreements. We are committed to providing clients with competent, prompt and cost-effective representation. We regularly handle UDRP domain name disputes.

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We file trademark applications for Utah clients, including Madrid Protocol international applications.

If you are Utah corporation seeking expeditious, cost-effective trademark filings from an established Utah law firm, please contact us. We can register logos, names, brands, and packaging before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the State of Utah.  We offer cost-effective representation to all clients.  We bill a one-time flat rate of $1,200 for all trademarks filings, which includes the filing fee and all work necessary over the coming months to prosecute the trademark application, which we refund if the mark does not issue.  Other firms charge throughout the trademark prosecution process for trademark prosecutions, which can run into the thousands or tens of thousands.

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Most of Clients Are Unaware Trademarks Can be Used to Stop the Sale of Knockoffs Online and to Take Domain Names.

We can help you register your trademark and use the trademark to prevent the sale of knockoff products on Amazon, eBay, and through other sites.  Additionally, we may be able to seize domain names incorporating your trademark using a simple UDRP process or through an ACPA action in federal court (Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act).  If you believe your rights in a trademark are being infringed, our Utah attorneys may be able to help you enforce your rights.  Be it through a domain name dispute such as a UDRP Complaint, an in rem trademark infringement or ACPA action Virginia, or using cease and desist letters, we would like to speak with you.

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We can help you register your trademark across the world using the Madrid Protocol filings with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Even if you reside and do business in another country, we may be able to help you register and enforce trademarks within the United States.  Trademarks can be registered before the United States, the State of Utah, and Internationally using WIPO.  We are available to speak anytime at 888-941-9933 or via email.




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